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UAE Weather
Dubai has a sub-tropical arid climate with around 13 cm rainfall a year. During the summer months i.e. between May and October the temperature is between 38 degree centigrade and
48 degree centigrade during the day and 26 degree centigrade and 30 degree centigrade
During the night. The winter months are from December to March when the temperature falls to between 26 degree centigrade and 30 degree centigrade during the day and 12 degree centigrade to 16 degree centigrade at night.

Still if it's summer or winter Dubai Beaches are a piece of attraction and pleasant one for the visitors.

Weather in United Arab Emirates
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Dubai Climate
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Abu Dhabi Climate
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Sharjah Climate
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Al Ain Climate
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Fujairah Climate
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Ras Al Khaimah Climate
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